It’s time to save the world!

Environmentalists say we have only a few years left before climate change becomes irreversible. But the message is being ignored because it’s often delivered by earnest, scolding, greener than thou doom merchants. Few people want to live in a world dominated by green puritans where humour has become extinct.

Lighten up! We can save the world –but not without a sense of humour.

Noel O’Hare’s new book How to Save the World by Recycling Your Sex Toys dares to poke fun at the scruples, attitudes and dilemmas of those who want to offset their guilt and save the Earth.

How to Save the World … is a fierce and funny satire on green worriers.

‘Agony aunt’ letters from concerned citizens of the environment pitch a host of bizarre and deliciously cheeky questions about how they might become more environmentally friendly.

Eco guru Dr Green will put your mind at rest about the issues you face as a friend of the Earth. Can you harness your kids’ energy to reduce your power consumption? Will a solar-powered vibrator soothe your eco rage? Can your artificial hip be recycled when you die? Should you join the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement? In his blunt but humorous style, Dr Green answers these questions and many more.

Dr Green on recycling old sex toys:

‘Coated with silver paint, a dildo studded with pins would make a truly eye-catching jewellery tree.’

On repurposing your liposuctioned fat:

‘A small light burning your own biodiesel on the dining table at dinner would be a gentle reminder of the perils of overeating.’
Nourished and informed by Dr Green’s wise words, you too can help save the world and salve your conscience.

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Praise for Noel O’Hare’s previous book Think Before You Swallow - The Art of Staying Healthy in a Health-Obsessed World.

“It is full of strange but true facts and very funny observations. I laughed out, often. So be warned when you read it in a public place.”

“Think Before You Swallow will make you feel better without taking any medicine!”

“ …a sensible, iconoclastic book that also happens to be very funny.”

“Will you feel better after reading… Maybe. You’ll certainly be better informed and get the benefits associated with daily laughter.”

"This is an ingenious and very funny idea done well" -
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